Eleven Elements Films, a Bangalore (India) based film production house. Our latest shoestring budget hindi Indie, "Bechara Mara Gaya" is available for free here.

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A film with footage that was shot on a two-day trip between bangalore and calicut. We’re giving away these shots under free-to-use Creative Commons license. You can use it for anything non-commercial, assuming you're nice enough to credit after you use 'em. Have fun!

Filmed and made by Rajaram Rajendran

Client : Lee
Agency : Happy Creative
Creative : Vijay Joy / George Abraham (Happy)
Production Design : Raghu Bharadwaj
FS700 Operator : Sharat
Dancers : Ashel Unger / Roshan Chikodi
Edit : Jyolsna Panicker
Second DOP : Juhi Sheth
Original Music : Joe Panicker
Direction / DOP / Post : Rajaram Rajendran

Client : Kyoorius D&AD Awards
Agency : Happy Creative
Production House : Eleven Elements
Director / DOP : Rajaram Rajendran
Model : Jyolsna Panicker
Sound Design : Ishwar Shankar
Production : Supriya Panchangam, Ruchika Jajodia, Rohan Subash
Running Around : Hari Rathinam

Music, Launchpad Programming : Joe Panicker
Edit : Jyolsna Panicker
On Set Support : Ruchi Sarna, Rohan Subash
Direction, DOP, Post Production : Rajaram Rajendran